Dr. Vien Guadamarie Megrez M. Gregana

  • Dr. Vien Gregana is an alumna of Centro Escolar University Makati.
  • She is currently taking her preceptorship course in orthodontics and actively attends various seminars that would help improve her skills and be updated with the new innovations in dentistry.
  • As a dentist, Dr. Vien is hardworking and passionate, has an eye for beauty when it comes on cosmetics and very concerned on what the patient needs and wants regarding their oral treatment.
  • She loves kids, and they love her back because of being playful, kind and having a long temper with them when it comes on convincing them on their dental needs.
  • The love of food and dogs interests her the most because it helps her feel relaxed.
  • Dr. Vien puts her heart in everything she does and most especially has a heart that is Christ-centered.